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Tiara erp softwares

Estimate Variance with Material & Pricing

Sale Order with Project & Priority

Production Planning with Priority on Order

Raw Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Vendor Management

Factory Capacity Planning

Cellular Factory Management

Job Schedule with a lead time

Production JOB Pcs Split and Merge within Process department

Production Wax Setting

Work in Progress Process department wise Analysis

Process Sheet, JOB Material requests

Order Info with Production JOB Info status

Shipping Plan on Weekly Planner

Finish Stock Info with Actual & Adjust Price

RFID Module for Quick Stocktake

Multi-Location Stock & Production Control

Graphical Analysis Production delivery & Sales, the Marketing department

Actual Cost with Standard Cost on JOB Costing

Worker Efficiency Analysis

Metal Actual Loss with Allow Loss Analysis

User Log Event

Custom Reporting and Printout

Multi-Location real-time working via Cloud