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Jewelry POS XL to manage Jewelry Showroom, Retail & Wholesale Business with Inventory & Accounting.

1. Estimation

2. Certificate & Lab Information


4. Multi Stores on real time

5. Store wise Inventory

6. Re-Order and Minimum Qty (MRP)

7. Product breakdown (Metal Value+ Metal loss Value+ Stone Value+ Labor Value).

8. Credit Cards Details.

9. Discount Coupon.

10. Multi Location, Multi Office independent Transaction concept.

11. Reward Points

12. Affiliate Management

13. Sale man Module (Commission slab)

14. Financial Accounting (Trail Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Ledger, Forex Register, VAT analysis, Outstanding Receivable/ payable)

15. Catalogue

16. Reporting output PRINT/ EMAIL/ PDF/ EXCEL/FILE.

17. Barcode Document Tracing.

18. Flexible Reporting with Search, Sorting, Grouping.

19. User Rights Control with log File. 

20. Dash board (Store Number online, Total Inventory on all Store, Total sale ( Cash , Credit), New customer, New affiliate, Current 10 Sale.